ArchiAct 艾爾錡科技公司

About Us

We are a group of members who are delicate to do dynamic testing, measurement, control, monitoring and providing best solutions in vehicle research and test.
Mainly focused on measuring and monitoring structural and performance test in the field of vehicles ( automobile , motorcycles, electric vehicles, ATVs and bicycles, etc.), including steam, locomotives, electric vehicles, driverless,
NCAP / NHTSA regulations Equipment and calipers, stents, disk automation testing equipment. The introduction of the world's most advanced data acquisition and testing equipment, sensors, and provide professional equipment consulting and measurement services to provide best solution of improve the test and measurement field.
Provide 3B: Best Products, Best Solutions, Best Service
Mission: A Best Provider in Dynamic Test, Measurement, and Control Solutions
Company Core Values: BRICKS (The cornerstone of success of the Arc de Triomphe)
B: Brightness- Intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty solution
R: Responsibility- The state of being responsible and accountable to customer, shareholder and society
I: Integration- The act and process of making total solution to customer
C: Creativity– To create mutual value with customers and employee
K: Knowledge– Advancing Knowledge learning and sharing
S: Service– Provide the best service to customer