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VBOX Video HD2
● Dual Camera 1080p system
●10 Hz GPS data logging
●Records to SD card or USB
●Predictive Lap Timing (with OLED display)
●Real time, high definition graphic overlay
●MP4 video & audio recording
●Internal power backup for reliable recording
●Powerful data analysis software
●Up to 32 CAN channel inputs
●USB 2.0 host interface (for recording to USB flash drive)
●Camera preview over WiFi
●Bluetooth LE connectivity

This new system from Racelogic moves video data logging technology onto the next level, and is beneficial in the world of automotive testing.

Dual cameras record 1080p video at up to sixty frames per second and the output is, as you would expect, perfectly synchronised with 10Hz GPS data. The graphical overlay – also high definition - is produced in real time, embedded within the footage, and is entirely customisable by the user. One of the benefits of a 16:9 HD output is that multiple parameters can be displayed simultaneously without impinging on what the cameras are recording, so the graphically enhanced video not only has greater impact, it also imparts a great deal of information.
艾爾錡科技-RaceLogic-VBOX Video HD2-手機
Greater processing power also means that 32 incoming CAN channels are especially useful for those carrying out validation of complex vehicle systems, particularly in the world of ADAS/autonomous development. Having this much information available with synchronised video is also highly advantageous in post processing, as it is possible to display a small number of channels within the footage itself but log many more for later software analysis.
艾爾錡科技-RaceLogic-VBOX Video HD2
An app for Android and iOS devices connects via the VBOX Video's inbuilt WiFi to allow fine-tuning of camera orientation, with real time camera output being displayed on the mobile device's screen.
By default, the system will start and stop logging according to GPS speed. With the addition of the video pre-buffer, this allows all motion to be captured automatically. Optional remote start/stop logging is taken care of via a Bluetooth unit that can be conveniently mounted next to the driver.
An internal battery allows the current file to be correctly closed should power be lost during recording, ensuring that no data loss or corruption occurs.