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Video VBOX Pro 10 or 20Hz
●Built in 10Hz/ 20Hz GPS data logger
●4 camera inputs with configurable picture in picture
•Powerful yet intuitive graphics customisation and analysis software.
●580L and 420L Bullet Cameras
● 8 CAN channels (upgrade for 32 channels available)
●USB / SD Card logging and USB 2.0 interface
● Stereo Audio recording
●MPEG4 encoding – approx 2GB per hour DVD quality, PAL or NTSC format
●Customisable real-time graphics, including gauges, bar graphs, circuit plots, lap times, and text
●Preview over USB for camera and graphics set-up
●Robust, light aluminium enclosure with internal battery: keeps logging even when power lost for up to 10 s
●Compatible with Racelogic input modules to log RPM and analogue inputs even in vehicles without CAN

Video VBOX Pro combines a powerful GPS data logger with a high quality multi-camera video recorder and real-time graphics engine.

Taking up to four waterproof cameras and combining them with a customisable graphical overlay, Video VBOX Pro streams video onto a flash card or USB stick as a DVD quality MPEG-4 file.
A choice of either 10Hz or 20Hz GPS engines provides parameters such as track position, lap timing, speed (accurate to ±0.1km/h) and acceleration. The optional 32-channel CAN interface retrieves vehicle data such as throttle angle, RPM, and brake pressure.
The rugged portability and functionality of Video VBOX Pro means that it's ideal for development and verification of Advanced Driver Assistance systems.

As well as capturing GPS and CAN data in the same way as a standard VBOX data logger, the Video VBOX also records GPS time synchronised video. This footage can be enhanced with a data driven graphic overlay, allowing for clear presentation of key test parameters.

Adding video to testing, validation, and development is a powerful method of both analysing and presenting your results. Many automotive ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) tests benefit from the addition of a Video VBOX data logger, configured to display vehicle separation values from both the GPS and vehicle readings, allowing for straightforward assessment of the technologies being developed.

The Video VBOX is very successful within motorsport, where it is used by a great many driving coaches and racing drivers in analysing their on-track performance.