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KLARI-ONE 1000V module
● 1000V DC insulation voltage makes measurement safer
● With a resolution of +/-15 bit, the repeat measurement accuracy of the measured values in each measurement range is guaranteed.
● Automatic data identification and calibration value transmission through the probe
Get accurate measurement results.
● The CAN data can be conveniently transferred to the CAN-recorder and CAN-analysis tools by providing the CAN database.
● Analog output +/-5V to 16 kHz
1. Measured value and 2. gain (16 bit)
● Current, voltage or temperature for hybrid and electric vehicles via CAN or analog data output
Dynamic measurement of (thermocouple).
● One measurement channel provides flexible current, voltage, current-voltage combination (I/U) or temperature measurement.
●Combined probes (current and voltage)
●It can meet the needs of different uses through simple operation
● Not only for laboratories but also for cars:
● It can also be used in CRASH - areas because real-time measurements can be output at up to 16 kHz through two analog outputs.
The current and voltage of the AC or DC loop are measured by rms and frequency calculations.
● Temperature measurement at insulation voltages below 1000 V DC
● Measuring current and voltage in AC loop
● KLARI-ONE1000V is used to measure the insulation voltage of 1000V DC between the channel and the data output.
● Each measurement channel is configured with a separate ASIC, each ASIC is suitable for 5 measurement ranges and can automatically match the measurement range.

● The measuring module is integrally formed, which is simple and firm.
● Perfectly complete measurement tasks by connecting a variety of probes with automatic identification, such as current probes, voltage probes, temperature probes, and a combination of current and voltage.
● Selection 1: Power saving for temperature measurement.
● Selection 2: It is especially suitable for the calculation of the effective value of the AC-loop.

Input, characteristics
● 1 insulated measuring channel with an ASIC
● Can connect current, voltage, current / voltage or temperature probe
● Measurement range: according to the connection probe, see data table

● ±15 bit / measuring range
● 5 automatically matched measuring ranges with automatic range selection

● ±1% of measured value, ±3 Bit per measurement range (temperature range -40 to + 85 °C)

Sampling rate
● Single channel mode: Up to 16,000 measured values ​​/ sec (analog output)
RMS value calculation for AC signals can be adjusted

Additional features
● A variety of selectable data output methods (CAN and / or USB 2.0)
● CAN data output – transmission parameters can be set (transmission rate, identifier, etc.)
● Built-in CAN terminal, which can be turned off by software.
● Automatic identification probe
● The measured values ​​are calibrated

● 1 CAN output, transmission parameters can be set
● CAN transmits data at high speed up to 1MBaud (maximum 8000 measured value / sec)
● USB 2.0 interface

Time base
●~30 μs resolution

●Integral injection molding, about 60x44x86mm (l/w/h)

power supply
● 6,0...50 V DC

Current consumption
● Approx. 200 mA (12 V DC)

● Output configuration data via PC via CAN or USB 2.0 interface
● You can create, manage, and download parameters to the measurement module.

Mode of operation
● In single channel mode:
- The channel automatically selects the measurement range under all measurement ranges
- Measurement time measurement channel is adjustable
- The RMS value calculation of the AC signal is automatically optimized.

temperature range
● Measurement module: -40...+85°C
● Shunt: -40...+130°C

Insulation voltage
● 1000 V DC

Protection level

Temperature measurement
PT-100 sensor Measuring range: -40...+200 °C
Thermocouple Typ K Measuring range: -200...+1200 °C
The measuring input is insulated from other measuring components
All interfaces and power supplies are insulated
Can be measured in the positive/negative range

Optional accessories
艾爾錡科技-KLARI-ONE 1000V -IP65電纜線-1
Cable IP65
This cable is used to connect the measurement module to a notebook or PC
The following signals are transmitted separately:
- CAN, Sub-D, 9-pin, socket
- Module power supply
IMKAB-01105-0000 - 1 m
IMKAB-04105-0000 - 4 m
IMKAB-10105-0000 - 10 m

KLARI probe, 1000 V
Standard measuring probe for current and voltage
(Optional, for more models, please see the information "KLARIPROBES1000V")

HV-LI current probe with 1 kV insulation voltage
艾爾錡科技-KLARI-ONE 1000V HV-LI電流探棒-1
100 mOhm, PBV, measuring range 0...-3 A/+7,2 A,
Resolution 2,5 μA/Bit*, constant current ca. 6,5 A**
IMFIP-45A02-0SHV - 3 m

50 mOhm PBV, measuring range 0...-6 A/+14, 42 A
Resolution 5μA/Bit*, constant current. 7,5 A**
IMFIP-A5A02-0SHV - 3 m

10 mOhm, PBV, measuring range 0...-30 A/+72 A
Resolution 25 μA/Bit*, constant current ca. 23 A**
IMFIP-C5A02-0SHV - 3 m

HV-I current probe, insulation voltage 1 kV
艾爾錡科技-KLARI-ONE 1000V  HV-I c電流探棒-絕緣電壓 1 kV-1
2 mOhm, BF-1, measuring range 0...-150 A/+360 A
Resolution 125 μA/Bit, constant current ca. 60 A**,
MFIP-H4802-0SHV - 3 m

1 mOhm, BF-1, measuring range 0..-300/+720 A
Resolution. 250 μA/Bit*, constant current ca. 80 A**
IMFIP-M4802–0SHV - 3 m

0,2mOhm, BF-2, measuring range 0..-1500/+3600 A,
Resolution 1,25 mA/Bit*, constant current ca. 180 A**
IMFIP-R2602-0SHV - 3 m

0,1mOhm, BF-2, measuring range 0..-3000/+7200 A,
Resolution 2,5 mA/Bit*, constant current ca. 400 A**
IMFIP-U2602-0SHV - 3 m

* Corresponding to the minimum measurement range
**Depends on the connection method

HV-U voltage measuring probe, insulation voltage 1 kV
艾爾錡科技-KLARI-ONE HV-U 電壓測量探頭 絕緣電壓 1 kV-1
Range ± 1000 V,
Resolution 1,25mV/Bit*
IMFVP-00007-0SHV - 1 m
IMFVP-00009-0SHV - 3 m
艾爾錡科技-KLARI-ONE HV-U 電壓測量探頭 絕緣電壓 200V-1
Range ± 200 V,
Resolution 170μV/Bit*
IMFVP-00007-NSHV - 1 m
IMFVP-00009-NSHV - 3 m

* Corresponding to the minimum measurement range
See separate catalog summary or data sheet

艾爾錡科技-KLARI-ONE 1000V  HV-IU組合探棒1 kV-1
● HV-IU combination-probe, insulation voltage 1 kV,
● Data see above
● 2 probes (I and U) for each probe-plug

Dedicated probe for measuring current and voltage
艾爾錡科技-KLARI-ONE 電壓電流專用探棒-1
● Special measuring probe with original car plug connector can be directly connected to the measurement loop
艾爾錡科技-KLARI-ONE 電壓電流專用探棒-2
● Apply the battery disconnect switch via the „Service Plug“ service plugin
Current measurement